Grassroots Bonanza

The new Twelve Visions political party will rise as a grassroots movement of the Neothink Clubhouses around the country. The Twelve Visions Party offers real wealth to everyone in sharp contrast to all other political parties (i.e., politics in general) that drain the wealth of everyone, including the welfare dependent.

When the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) takes over, ordinary people will live as well as millionaires. With a TVP President, even the inner-city welfare dependents will live as well as millionaires within a few years. That scenario is demonstrated in three-part novel Neothink Superpuzzle.

Inside your local Neothink Clubhouses, you can find your local TVP Party movement. As your grassroots efforts grow, you can build (as will others around the country) your local and eventually statewide Twelve Visions Party, putting up candidates in your area. Eventually, we will combine all the local efforts into a national effort to elect a TVP President. The road map has been laid out in Neothink Superpuzzle.